Four Lights Tiny House Company


Small Washroom Size: 68”L x 22”W x 78”H Est. Materials Cost: $1,600
Large Washroom Size: 79”L x 32”W x 79” H Est. Materials Cost: $1,700

We offer two washroom sizes for your consideration while planning your tiny house. Our shells are designed to transform into living spaces with the addition of the washroom and kitchen components. Both of which can be easily built using our plans.


Four Lights’ Small Washroom contains everything typically needed to pee, poop, primp and bathe. It’s scaled and proportioned to fit through the front door of our houses and fits nicely in front of any small window in our Road Bungalow and Backyard Bungalow homes (7’-wide houses: Gifford, Zinn, Beavan, and Weller). The plans for this component include instructions for both our small Ofuro Tub and our Small Shower Basin, allowing you to choose between the two. 

Recommendations are included for both a composting toilet and flush toilet. Our small washroom makes our Large Washroom design look relatively palatial. The funny thing is, even with a toilet, tub, shower, sink, light and fan-vent inside, it still has elbow room to spare. This is made possible by combining most of its contents into one ofuro-style (tub/sink/shower) appliance (plans included).  


The Large Washroom is designed to fit thru the door of Four Lights’ Park Bungalow homes (10’-wide houses: Marie Colvin and Marmara) and proportioned to align perfectly with the window placements within. The plans include instructions for our Large Ofuro Tub. The Ofuro tub is designed to also serve as a sink, so you could install almost any toilet to complete the layout. For those who prefer a shower, we provide recommendations for a standard shower basin as an alternative. If you decide to go with the shower basin, we recommend you make up for the lack of sink by choosing the Caroma toilet which has an integral sink (details listed in the plans). 

All of our component plans are PDF downloads