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The Small House Book (mobi)


This little book is a beautiful introduction to the tiny house movement by one of its best-known pioneers, Jay Shafer. These 220 full-color pages include Jay’s 126-page treatise on tiny houses, as well as a portfolio of 23 of his impeccable designs.

Jay applies his meticulous ‘subtractive design’ philosophy to his writing and photo selection, just as he does to his architectural designs. The result is a concise book which reads well.

Jay provides insight into the history of tiny houses in the United States, the economics of living small, a design philosophy with 7 organizing principles and 42 elements of efficient design, and an overview of how to build a top-quality portable tiny house with only 4 common power tools, 10 hand tools, and $20,000 in highest-quality materials.

Jay’s houses aren’t cheap versions of average homes. Rather, these designs are cozy interpretations of America’s best high-end custom homes. The materials and proportions far exceed the quality of most suburban houses. And by designing-out the superfluous features of standard houses, Jay brings the costs within the reach of many ambitious dreamers.


Set your sights high. Get a copy of Jay Shafer’s “The Small House Book” and let it inspire you to attain the tiny home of your dreams. 

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