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The Gifford Shell

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112+ SQ FT  | Estimated Materials Costs | This House is also available as a Furnished Plan

  House Width   6'-10"   Porch   6'-10" x 2'-6"
  House Length   16'-2"   Loft Height (optional)   2'-8"
  Trailer Size   7' x 16'   Ceiling Height (with optional loft)   6'-6"
  Road Height   13'-4"   Dry Weight   5000 lbs

The Gifford is the design of Jay Shafer's own house. It's a stunning 7’ x 16’ structure squarely rooted in the American Craftsman Style. It has been beefed up where beefing up was necessary for a sense of mass and fortification, and it has been pared down everywhere else. It has a standing seam, metal roof, cedar board-and batten siding and a tiny integral porch that’s good for staying dry as you perch or fumble for your keys. The interior is all knotty pine. The cathedral ceiling is 9’ 8” tall at the peak. As a shell, it accommodates any of the components listed on the Compact Furnishings page and more.

Ironically, this little thing was inspired by the sizable Great Lodges of North America. When you enter it, you enter into a relatively narrow space that opens into a relatively huge space with a cathedral ceiling to increase the sense of mass and fortification. 

Take a virtual tour of Jay Shafer's Gifford here.

About the Backyard Bungalow models

Undue expense and red tape have been cut to keep the Backyard Bungalows user friendly and affordable. Most municipalities mandate that a permit is not required to put a building of less than 120 square feet on your property, though you'd want to check with your local building and zoning departments to be sure. While you're at it, see if there are any setback requirements that govern where a structure can be set or how it can officially be used.

Our plans include a foundation on concrete footings, but the foundation choices are limitless. The Gifford Shell plan also includes an optional trailer plan if you want to build your shell on wheels. 

Finishing the shell interior

The shell has a wide-open, unobstructed interior, and the overall interior dimensions and window placements have been meticulously correlated to fit perfectly with all of our primary Interior Components (washroom, kitchenette, and step storage). As such, Four Lights homes are far more versatile and offer owners the added option of designing their own interior using our Component Furnishings.

A sleeping loft can be set on the collar ties overhead with ease, or you may choose to put a bed downstairs. You can also consider a Murphy bed or other foldaway furniture. Including a lot of storage is a great way to open up the area as much as possible for a sense of volume. Built-ins are also a great way to maximize space.

Foundation or Trailer

The Gifford can also be built as a Road Bungalow by putting it on a trailer. This house was designed to fit perfectly between the wheel wells of a standard car hauler. These sturdy structures can be moved from foundation to trailer (or vice versa) without any damage to the structural integrity. The Gifford plans include BOTH a foundation plan and a trailer plan.  

All plans are PDF downloads. You will receive a download link upon receipt of your order.