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The DIY Book (pdf)

DIY Book of Backyard Sheds and Tiny Houses by Jay Shafer

Are you ready to design and build your own tiny house? This two-segment book will help you do both. Or, if you are still trying to decide whether you can build it yourself, this book will help you decide.


The first segment features Jay Shafer’s new tailored floor-plan system, unique to our Box Bungalows. Unlike any other tiny house plans you can buy, Four Lights’ Box Bungalows enable you to configure your own buildable floor plans, without all the hassles of designing from scratch (such as windows interfering with walls, or bathrooms which don’t fit). Two elements make this possible:

No wheel wells:

For trailer-based houses, the walls are inside the wheel wells. This eliminates a major design constraint, allowing the space to be used in a greater variety of ways.

Component furnishings: 

Jay has designed bathrooms, kitchens, and ladders in relationship to a few window layouts to make countless good floor plans possible. Like playing a child’s xylophone, there are no wrong notes!
This first segment also contains schematic designs for all six Box Bungalow models and a dozen starter floor plans to inspire the perfect floor plan for your unique needs. For each model, you’ll find a beautiful exterior image, four exterior elevations, a floor plan, and a window-and-door schedule. Everything you need to plan your perfect Box Bungalow.
The second segment is a ‘how-to’ book of residential carpentry, presented by the experienced editors of Skills Institute Press. In 68 pages, they explain and illustrate foundation construction, floor and wall framing, roof framing, roofing, sheathing, and window-and-door installation. Everything you need to understand before you start building.


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