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Ofuro Tub

 Small Ofuro Tub  Size: 29”L x 21”W x 30” H  Est. Materials Cost: $190
 Large Ofuro Tub  Size: 29”L x 30”W x 32” H  Est. Materials Cost: $190

We offer DIY plans for two sizes of Ofuro Tubs. Our tiny house shells are designed to transform into living spaces with the addition of the washroom and kitchen components. Both of which can be easily built using our plans. Note that the full Washroom plan set  includes the Ofuro Tub Plan. 


SMALL Ofuro Tub

Now you can easily fit a deep soaking tub into less space than it takes to fit a standard shower. In fact, while it was originally designed as part of Four Lights’ small washroom, this component can be fit into almost any pre-existing shower stall. A little step-drawer pulls out from the front for easy access to the step-seat inside. It was inspired by the efficiency and wood construction of traditional Japanese tubs, but, in this case, plywood and a fiberglass liner are prescribed for an easier-to-build, more affordable, more fool-proof container. If you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket, you could also have your local metalsmith fabricate a stainless steel version from the plans (add $1000 - $2000). Either way, this ofuro serves as both a tub and a sink for even greater space efficiency. You could even say it’s also a shower, since a 2’ hose pulls out of the Ikea Ringskar faucet for those who’d rather do their bathing standing up.

LARGE Ofuro Tub

The large ofuro is the same as Four Lights small ofuro, but bigger. If you’re over 6’ 4” tall, this is the tub for you. While it was created specifically for use in our large washroom design, it still fits into any space that will accommodate a standard shower. The general prescription is for wood with a fiberglass liner, but, if you’re willing to present your local metalsmith with an additional $1000 - $2000, a stainless steel liner is also an option.

All of our component plans are PDF downloads

These plans are currently being revised and are temporarily unavailable.