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The Marmara

Would you like to get The Marmara Floor Plans, autographed copies of The Small House Book and Jay Shafer's DIY Book of Backyard Sheds and Tiny Houses while making progress towards the Tiny House Movement?!  Please visit the Tiny Houses For Humanity Fundraising Campaign and make a donation today.  For a limited time we are offering housing plans, and more, to all donations $250 and up.

284+ SQ FT  |  Estimated Materials Costs  |  Download FREE Study Plan 

  House Width   10'-2"   Porch Width   10'-6"
  House Length   29'-3"   Great Room   9"-6" x 10'
  Trailer Size   10' x 29' deck-over   Kitchen   7'-5" x 7'-5"
  Dry Weight   12,000 lb   Washroom   2'-6" x 6'-6"
  Ceiling Height   7'-3 1/2"   Bedroom   6'-5" x 4'-7"
  Loft Height   4'-1 3/4"   Shed   1'-9" x 4'-7"

A Little Bit Bigger

Small house living doesn’t necessarily entail living in a house the size of a Ford Ranger. In fact, I don’t think most lives would fit into a single parking space. In its original and I believe its  truest form, the Small House Movement was created not so much as a showcase for living, “… tinier than thou, but rather people making their own choices toward simpler and smaller living however they feel best fits their life”. –Greg Johnson, co-founder and president of the Small House Society, 2002.

The Marmara is considerably larger than my tiniest houses. At 262 square feet downstairs and an additional 250 square feet for proposed loft space, it’s nearly three times the size.

Among other features, the Marmara allows for the finished design to contain a full-sized bed downstairs, along with a kitchen, large washroom, a great room with a cathedral ceiling, and more than 70 square feet of storage. There are two sleeping/storage lofts to accommodate four occupants comfortably and/or a lot of surplus storage. The little gas fireplace is by Jotul.

What Comes with the Furnished Plan

The furnished plan sets come with a main floor plan, a loft floor plan, an electrical plan, trailer specifications with an alternate pier foundation plan, pertinent detail elevations and all of the integral component plans, including the blueprints for furniture designed specifically to fit in this gorgeous, fully functional home. 

A Special Bonus 

The Furnished House Plan includes a full set of component furnishing plans. You'll have access to the blueprints for building all of the DIY furnishings and room components that fit into this beautiful house, as shown in the floor plan (see slideshow above). 

"We have been looking at plans for nine months.  When we saw the Marmara, we both fell instantly in love!" — Jeremy Hinkle

About the Park Bungalow Models 

The Park Bungalow models have been designed to meet all ANSI requirements for RVs when they’re mounted on wheels by a licensed RV manufacturer. They can then be registered as RVs, qualifying for RV loans and RV insurance. If you put a house on wheels yourself without buying a manufacturer’s license, it is considered a load on a flatbed (which is harder to finance and insure, but more affordable in terms of taxation).

* 14'-8" height is based on 32" standard deck-over-trailer height. The Marie Colvin on wheels is designed as a park model RV, not as a travel trailer.  It is a wide-load, over-height model, which requires a commercial driver's license to legally tow it on U.S streets, as park model RVs often do.

The Marie Colvin was designed to meet park model RV codes, not to meet the minimum size standards of the ICC building code.  If your foundation-built construction plans rely upon building permits, please ask your local building officials whether this model can be permitted at your site.

This house is also available as a Shell Plan

All plans are PDF downloads. You will receive a download link upon receipt of your order.