Four Lights Tiny House Company


  Kitchenette   Size:  42”L x 22”W x 38” H   Est. Materials Cost: $800

This component fits easily thru the front door of any Four Lights House for placement almost anywhere inside. This refrigerator/sink/countertop/storage unit can serve as the core of any larger kitchen or—when accompanied by a hotplate and toaster/dutch oven—as the kitchen itself. The design includes Edge Star’s 3.2 cubic foot, stainless steel refrigerator, Ikea’s 20” x 18”, stainless steel Bredskar sink and Ikea’ stainless Ringskar faucet plus 4.5 cubic feet of cabinet storage below the counter. More substantial cooking needs can be met by putting a dishwasher in the cubby designed for the fridge and adding a tall refrigerator, a range and/or more counter space off to the side(s). The counter can be made of butcher block wood or fabricated by your local metalsmith from stainless steel. The plans list both options.

Turn any of our shells into a house using this kitchenette and our washroom component

All plans are PDF downloads