Four Lights Tiny House Company

Exploding Table

Exploding Table Size: 31”L x 18”W x 18” H Est. Materials Cost: $50

Jay Shafer spent a lot of time (and eraser) drawing up plans for something with a lot of hinges, expanding parts and other moving parts before arriving at this simple, easy-to-make, easy-to-convert convertible furnishing. His goal was to create a low coffee table that could be turned into a small, full-height dining/work surface. In the end we got all of that, plus two benches (or two step stools!) without all the complicated gadgetry. This multi-purpose "table" has almost endless possible uses, yet it takes up very little space. A quintessential tiny house furnishing!

Experience Level: This is a great DIY starter project, but suitable for all levels of building experience, since the end product is a multi-use item great for all tiny houses!

All plans are PDF downloads