Four Lights Tiny House Company

Consultation with Jay Shafer

Need help designing your tiny home?

Want to modify one of our house plans to better fit your needs, or perhaps design a custom plan with the help of Jay Shafer? Jay is now available for hourly consultation to work with you on your own design or a custom tiny home design.  

There’s probably nobody out there better equipped to help you design your little dream home than Jay Shafer. He has 20 years of experience in creating beautiful, small spaces that work well. That said, he can’t design a house that’s right for you without your help. 

do you Know your needs?

Once you've purchased an hour consultation below, you will receive a questionnaire to help us determine your needs. Please be prepared to answer questions about your plans/build so that Jay can be prepared for your session. These qualifying questions are asked to ensure that you’re at the stage when your time with Jay will be productive and satisfying.

How This works

If you have a pretty good idea what you're looking for, and how to articulate it during your first one-hour session, add an hour to the cart below and you'll be sent a questionnaire as a form. Once your answers have been submitted, we'll contact you to schedule your one-on-one phone (or in person) session with Jay Shafer. 

PLEASE NOTE: A one-hour consultation may not be sufficient time, depending on the your needs and the complexity of your required modifications or house plan. Jay will provide an estimate of the hours required when he has reviewed the your case. 


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