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A Tiny House Village

We have been talking with Sonoma County’s zoning department about building a tiny house village. The officials seem to love this idea as much as we do, so we’ve started investigating some of the details involved and taking concrete steps to make it all happen.

In many ways, tiny houses work best in concert with other tiny houses and shared amenities. This is a dream long-shared by many including myself. The place will be zoned as an R.V. park, but will look and feel more like the concept drawings I’m presenting to the left. I’ve used the same design principles that go into each of my tiny house designs to create an environment that feels contained but not confining—vibrant but not at all crowded.

This village will be structured as something like a co-op. Folks will own their own portable house and the small parcel it sits on, and they’ll pay a set amount per month to maintain the common facilities. There will be some rules established by the community to, presumably, keep anyone from turning their stereos up to eleven without earphones, conducting gang warfare on the streets and/or barking incessantly all night-and-day. I imagine one advantage to this particular arrangement might be that if someone feels the irresistible urge to bark all the time, they can simply leave and take their house with them.

I have no doubt that this will be the most beautiful "trailer park" in the world. At our current pace, we should have it done in 2015. Everything we know about availability, form, content and our progress will be posted here as it becomes clear to us. We’ll be sure to get some interactive dialogue about what people want in such a place as soon as we get this ball rolling.

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DENSITY: 16–22 houses-per-acre

SIZE: 40 -70 beautiful tiny houses (RVs), each up to 400s.f., plus sleeping lofts

AMENITIES: A 800 – 1600 s.f. common house, private gardens, 1.5 parking spaces per house, shared outdoor space, private storage units, prominent pedestrian walkways out front with parking out back.

LOCATION: Northern California


INTENT: To create a contagious model for responsible, affordable, desirable housing.


DISCLAIMER: Any or all of these ideas might change if we think of something even better.

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