Four Lights Tiny House Company


Houses and Jay Shafer 

Want to help Four Lights make the world a better place...

...while Four Lights helps make you some money? We're looking for stalwart folks who understand the value in what we're doing and want to help us do more of it. 
In the past fifteen years, Jay Shafer has been disseminating his message of conscious consumption thru his house designs, books and workshops. Now, he's bringing people's dreams for a simple, sustainable life to fruition thru his new Four Lights Tiny House Company. We need investors to help us further develop our workshops, build affiliate partnerships, self-publish and begin the manufacturing of our houses nation-wide. This is just the beginning! 

We invite those who share our passion for disseminating quality architectural design and education to join us in our vision.
If you're looking for a way to increase the returns on your 3-5 year investments, and you wish to join the Four Lights family, please email to let us know:
 a) how to contact you -- your phone # and email address 
 b) your interest in tiny houses, in Jay Shafer, and/or in Four Lights (briefly)
 c) the amount of money you would consider investing (depending on terms, equity vs loan, etc)
Call us at:  855.756.2200 ext.2

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