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How do I return an item I purchased?

Please see our refunds and returns policy. [provide link]
As for how to return a book – when time is not critical, we recommend sending ‘media mail’ or ‘book rate’ via the US Postal Service. Be sure to include your name, address, email address, and the date on which you placed your purchase order.

How do I buy a pre-fabricated tiny house?

Currently, we do not have standardized production available. We intend to develop this before the end of 2015. Please join our e-mail list, and identify your specific interest, so that we can tell you when we begin offering these.

What do I need to tow a tiny house?

This depends primarily on the model of house. Physically, it depends upon the weight of your model. You usually need a pick-up truck or SUV which is rated for the appropriate towing weight. Legally, it depends upon the width of your model. in most states and provinces, the narrow-versions of the smallest Box Bungalows can be towed by a driver with a regular driver’s license. The wider models are designed as ‘park model RVs,’ and require a commercially licensed driver to tow them as ‘wide loads.’ Don’t let this stop you. Most tiny houses are not moved frequently, and the extra width allows for both comfortable interior spaces and also practical and attractive roof overhangs. We believe this is the ‘sweet spot’ for most users – the right balance of convenience (moveable) vs elegant design (looks and acts like a top quality house).

How far will you ship houses?

We do not currently sell pre-fabricated houses for a fixed price. We hope to offer houses before the end of 2013; we intend to ship to any of the 48 continental United States and the District of Columbia. We will explore shipping to Canadian provinces. Any other destinations will require special arrangements which are likely to be cost prohibitive. 
Please join our e-mail list, and identify your specific interest, so that we can tell you when we begin offering these. 

How can I get an Ofuro sink-tub-shower unit?

These are not currently in production. We are exploring production options for multiple materials, and hope to offer production units in 2013. Please join our e-mail list, and identify your specific interest, so that we can tell you when we begin offering these.

How are floor areas calculated (square feet)?

The means of calculating the size of houses in the U.S. are as varied as the results are meaningless. That said, I use ANSI's formula for calculating Park Model RV sizes in our house descriptions. This, generally means that everything, including exterior walls, trim and porches is included in the total. Roof lines are not included. Lofts are not included unless they're over 5'-tall. Ours are less than that, so I like to state our sizes as , "XXX square feet...", followed by, "... plus an additional XXX square feet of loft space".     - Jay Shafer

How do I manage toilets and ‘black water’?

Properly handling excrement (‘black water’) is a big issue. Solutions exist, but depend upon your application. If you plan to reside in an RV park, the best solution depends upon the park’s policies. Many offer sewer hook-ups, allowing you to operate a house-style toilet. Others require holding tanks, which are most compatible with RV-style toilets. If you intend to tow a narrow Box Bungalow like a travel trailer, you will want holding tanks and an RV- style toilet. You’ll need to stop or stay at campgrounds which offer dumping stations, where you will empty your holding tanks. If you intend to live off-the-grid in your tiny house, you will want to research this issue and decide upon the best way to responsibly manage your waste. For off-the-grid applications, composting toilets might be an option, but be aware that many U.S. counties prohibit their use.

How do I insure a tiny house?

When we begin offering the larger Box Bungalows as pre-fabricated Park Model RVs, we hope to identify insurers. When built on foundations with proper building permits, tiny houses will qualify for homeowners insurance (sometimes called fire insurance).
Otherwise, we recommend that you inquire about insuring your tiny house as personal property, via your homeowners insurance or renter’s insurance policies.

How do I protect my tiny house from thieves?

Locking hitches will deter the spontaneous thief. But, for riskier situations, we recommend that you remove the wheels from at least one side of the trailer, and install locking bolts to prevent thieves from replacing the wheels. The trailer without wheels will be harder to tow.
If you have a question that isn't addressed in the FAQ,
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