Four Lights Tiny House Company


Jay Shafer

Jay Shafer

I design all of our houses and furnishings, and I assembled the team you see here.  I love what I do, and I do what I love.

Turn ons: Truth, Love and Beauty as exemplifies great design and great people.

Turn offs: The lack thereof.

Alicia Feltman

Alicia Feltman

Alicia is the pixel smith, typographical witchdoctor, and CMYK mixologist for lala design. She wears many hats for Four Lights Tiny House Company. In her spare time she gardens, cooks exotic meals, and tends her flock of chickens and children on her makeshift urban homestead. 

Turn ons: Challenging the status quo, Subverting the dominant paradigm, and playing the devils advocate. 

Turn offs: Lack of integrity.

Brett Torrey Haynes

Quirky, bow tie wearing community manager. Obsessive blogger and promoter of all things handmade. 

Turn ons: Raw food, sprout jars, sunshine and a girl named Spring.

Turn offs: Greed, corruption and Styrofoam.

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