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What Boneyard Studios has accomplished with a vacant city lot in Washington DC is nothing short of marvelous. The idea: A tiny village of houses that showcase the benefits of simplified living — affordability, sustainability, community — on an urban alley lot, right within view of the nation's Capital. 

From their website:

Tiny homes on wheels are being built around the country, sited in backyards and backwoods, providing affordable housing, a green lifestyle, and simplified living to their owners. As the movement grows, we decided to live the questions: Can we build and showcase a few tiny homes on wheels in a DC urban alley lot? Within view of the nation’s Capitol? Not in the woods but in a true community, connected to a neighborhood?  Yes, we think. Watch out left coast, the DC adventure begins.

The mission? Here you go:

  • showcase creative urban infill on one of many vacant city lots
  • promote the benefits of tiny houses: highly affordable housing, green, simple, attractive
  • model to the country what a tiny house community could look like
  • promote DC zoning/code changes to allow construction/habitation of ADU’s (accessory dwelling units) & tiny houses
  • build capacity of DC tiny house designers and builders

Sounds like something you might want to check out, doesn't it? We will be touring Boneyard Studios during our upcoming Tiny House Workshop in DC! Join us October 5-6 for what's sure to be an educational and fun-filled tiny house adventure! Save 15% off your ticket price when you use the discount code WASHINGTONDC15 at checkout. See you there!


Posted by Alicia Feltman — September 18, 2013



Is it a village if all the houses are vacant?

September 20 2013 at 09:09 PM


Went on the tour to Boneyard this morning. It was great fun & gave the roommate & I plenty to discuss as we look at options for our own tiny house with a view!

February 02 2014 at 07:02 PM

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