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Four Lights Room Components and Furnishings make it easy to customize your tiny house floor plan

When I first started designing little houses, in 1999, I made all of them for, what I imagined to be, a mid-sized person with average needs. In fact, as I imagine myself to be fairly average, I really just designed every house as if it were for me.

The inherent problem with this early strategy became clear as nearly everyone buying my plans rightly customized the layouts. It turns out that a house designed for everyone is really designed for nobody in particular (except for me, in this case). The issue becomes especially clear in a very small home where any parts unused by the occupants just get in the way and anything missing is missed sorely. If you’re living in a 160 square foot home, in which 40 square feet are consumed by an extra, built-in guest bed you never use, that’s a pretty big problem.

Developing a More flexible Tiny Home

To be truly effective, tiny houses have to meet the needs of their occupants and provide/consume nothing more. That’s why I’m now providing the option for DIY design along with my new DIY components. While I do still sell my better-than-average stock plans for relatively average people, I’m now offering unitized furnishings as well. That means if you don’t want an extra built-in bed, you simply don’t have to include one in your design; if your cooking needs exceed the capacity of the little kitchenette, you can add a larger fridge; and if you want a bigger bathroom than the little ones I’ve created, you can simply create your own.

Tansu Storage Steps

My most integral components (washrooms and stairs) have been proportioned and scaled to fit nicely with the optional window and door placements and overall dimensions of my basic house shells, so creating your own layout is easy.


A Tiny House Designed for You, by You

Our natural world and the best of our built environment are comprised of variation in multiplicity. Vernacular architecture demonstrates this as much as any forest, or meadow, or any place where more-for-more’s sake and innovation-for-inovation’s sake are absent, and nature’s first and only law, necessity, is allowed to govern form. Every occupant-designed home is like a self portrait combining the most archetypal elements of home with some very personal, necessary touches.

Small Washroom Plans

Easy to Read, Easy to Build

The plans for these furnishings were designed to be easy-to-read, and the furnishings, themselves, are designed, as much as possible, to be easy-to-build with basic easy-to-find materials and tools. All of them are designed to fit thru the front door of my houses and positioned virtually anywhere inside (the only exception to this is the large washroom, which fits only thru the door of the 10’-wide houses, and not the 7’-wide ones). 

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Four Lights Tiny House Company

How Does it Work? Wach Jay's Demonstration Video Below


Posted by Jay Shafer — July 08, 2013


S. Major:

It would be nice if you had the layouts and components scaled and printable for those of us who would like to “arrange” the components as you did in the video clip.

July 10 2013 at 09:07 PM

Johnny Kim:

Hi before I express an interest towards pursuing the thought of purchasing or dwelling in my very own tiny home. I need to ask are individuals capable of avoiding the thought of property tax? Cause it really seems preposterous that an individual would if they did. As you can see I’m trying to be as frugal as possible since I’ve been unemployed Since April. II just wondering how much would I need to Invest towards something with Plumbing an 450 sqft.

August 26 2013 at 06:08 PM

Laura Fain:

I noticed you have used propane tanks for stove/fireplace and a jotul wood burning stove in another Tiny House. Do your plans incorporate any additional power source, such as solar. I live in the Midwest & the humidity can be unbearable at times and would like the option of electricity for a fan.

February 20 2014 at 06:02 AM

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