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New Years resolutions give us an opportunity to take on new challenges or apply a newfound passion and energy to the goals we already have. Transitioning to a tiny house can accomplish a variety of goals at once, both personal and financial. What better time to learn from the success stories of those who have already taken the leap? Every inspiring tiny house journey started somewhere, and we want to take the month of January to explore and learn from those tiny house beginnings. We’ll be posting the stories that inspire us, the tips that we wish we knew when we started, and resources that we hope will be useful as you take the tiny house leap yourself… into a new life of personal and financial freedom. Happy New Year!

First, the decisions

B.A. Norrgard inspired us all by walking away from her high stress job and overhauling her life. She attended one of Jay Shafer’s workshops, bought the Gifford house plan (the same plan as Jay’s own house!), and built her beautiful new house with her own hands and the help of her amazing and supportive friends. She now lives and travels full-time in her hyper-efficient mobile residence. B.A. and her house will be present at many of our upcoming workshops, but if you can’t join us in person, she’s teaching an online webinar to help guide people who want to transition to tiny house living. If you’re still wondering if the tiny house lifestyle is right for you, or you just need help taking the first step, sign up for what’s sure to be a fantastic boost of inspiration and motivation!

From B.A.’s website:

Going Tiny – Is a Life Overhaul for You?

Are you wondering about going Tiny but really just don’t know how to begin? Are you feeling stuck?  Does a life change that huge sound equally exciting and terrifying?  In this first webinar you will hear how I ditched a 25 year paralegal career with suits, hose and heels and started pulling on bibs and boots in the mornings instead.  Sign up and get inspired!

Read more and sign up here!

Posted by Alicia Feltman — December 30, 2014


Ginny Villafranca :

I am 69 and have been thinking about a tiny house. I have 2 new knees and severe arthritis in my back so I dont think I could build it myself , but am I too old for this change? What do you think? I hate apartment living and miss owning my own place even if it is tiny.

January 02 2015 at 12:01 PM

Pamela Flowers:

Hey Ginny!
No way are you too old to go tiny! There are houses you can purchase pre-made if you’re not able to build your own. I’m not a spring chicken either. I just try to act they way I would if I didn’t know how old I am. :) You can do this!

January 03 2015 at 04:01 PM


Ginny, GO FOR IT! Apartment living stifles natural creativity and not only are you living in a little compartment, you’re stuck in the same place all the time! There’s no better time to make your life your own than now :) Also, I’d start taking CBD for the arthritis pain, sold as 100% hemp oil and available all over the US online. Changed my life.
You can do it!

January 09 2015 at 08:01 AM


How easy would it be to add on to these later on? If it would be easy to add on at a later date then I would love to go with the smallest plan (Zinn) as it would be perfect for me right now, but I might need more space in the future. Love all of the designs!!!

January 09 2015 at 09:01 PM

Rod Robinson:

Hi! I am a single 65 year old in need of a challenge and a change of life. I have a million questions, but need answers to a few key, basic questions which may allow me to move forward with my dream of building and living in one of your Four Light homes: Cost – Is the estimated $18k cost shown on our website, a true reflection of total costs? If I do it myself, what is a realistic time frame to complete? How much money is needed to be set aside for unforeseen contingencies, if any?, i.e. part time labor assistance, etc.? Does the estimate include the custom trailer cost? Do you sell the trailers or must I figure out who and how to build it?
Thank you so much for any advice/help anyone can give me…
Kind regards,

January 15 2015 at 09:01 AM

Penny Heuscher:

I know that our housing developments must become more sustainable. My home is solar and geothermal with generator backup and I compost instead of buying dirt for my garden which provides many of my vegetables.
The lower prices for small homes can mean that people who may not have much money or credit can actually have their own freedom in their own home. I feel that there must be the strictest rules and covenants for small home developments. A small home builder allowed properties in my neighborhood to have as many as eight vehicles on RSF8. Eight houses (7.9) on an acre. The development is junky. I am in favor of small homes but only with the very strictest of covenants. Sure the city might have regulations that people should be following but who is going to tattle on their neighbor? I KNOW that people with large homes and larger lots can also junk up their property. Again we need to face the reality that our resources are finite.

January 25 2015 at 09:01 AM

Laraine Downer:

I live in Santa Rosa area. Is it possible to preview a tiny home? I’d like to ‘try one on for size’ and learn more about how to get a pre-built one.

Thank you

June 17 2015 at 04:06 PM

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