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Dee Williams' recently published book, The Big Tiny: A Built-It-Myself Memoir, is a fantastic read and a must-have for any tiny house library. I say so right on the back cover with my glowing endorsement that, essentially, says, "This book's fantastic!". Last year, when I received my review copy of the book from Blue Rider Press, my heart leaped as I read the chapter called "The Tiny House Man"... It's about me!

I've never felt more flattered. I love Dee. 

The following picture was taken of the two of us when she read from The Big Tiny in San Rafael last Summer. We're good friends, and I didn't want to distract her from her presentation, so I went incognito. My plan was to ask her a bunch of annoying questions without being identified. I guess the costume didn't work very well, because the moment I walked through the door, she waved excitedly and smiled as if she hadn't even noticed my brilliant disguise. A lot of other people just stared at me as if I were some kind of long-haired weirdo. Can you imagine? 

I asked my annoying questions anyway, and, as always, Dee didn't show the slightest hint of irritation with me. She's very patient. It seems that all my friends almost have to be.

The Big TinyAn excerpt from The Big Tiny can be read for free at the PAD website. You can order Dee's awesome book here.

Posted by Jay Shafer — October 29, 2014

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