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It’s hard to put into words how my life has changed in the last 6 weeks. Perhaps “whiplash” would be the appropriate term – can you imagine a bigger culture and landscape swing than the one from Dallas, Texas to Sonoma County, California?? Or the difference between the days in a downtown high rise law firm to days filled with tiny houses? My head is spinning!

The Roadtrip Gang

I left Dallas with my tiny house in tow on August 10th. Accompanying me to help me drive and provide moral support, were my friends Nina Zamudio and Jerry Chandler. Many of you wrote to tell us that you were following our trip via #tinyhousetrip on Twitter (thank you Nina) and we so loved reading all your messages (and actually meeting some of you!) as we made our way across the country! We all agreed that it was an epic week that changed us forever – the house tours, and the goodwill of the American public and the enthusiasm for tiny houses were all just overwhelming in a really spectacular way. Thank you

Tour in Home Depot Lot

We arrived at our destination in Sonoma County on August 15th. After some initial settling in, I have been on the job with Four Lights about six weeks. The time has been a blur – so much to learn, so much to do, and so many amazing projects on the horizon! I am so humbled and so blessed to be a part of the tiny house movement and to be working alongside Jay and his amazing staff. If, when I enrolled in my career transition workshop in February of 2012, anyone had told me that I would be in California living my dream in the summer of 2014, I would have believed it, but I wouldn’t have really grasped how that was going to materialize. I’m still in a fair amount of disbelief that I am actually here...

So many of you first validated me on my dream of transitioning my life, and then supported me through my build, and then followed my trip across the country – I cannot express my gratitude. And with that I offer this:

if I can overhaul my life, so can you. If I can chase my dream and make it a reality, anyone can! Yes, making a big life change is scary. But do you know what’s worse? Regret. Get out there and live your dream! It’s never too late!

On Saturday of this week, Jay is giving a one-day workshop that opens with our two tiny houses being open for tour. (I do love a good open house!) About mid-day I will drive to San Francisco and catch a flight back to Dallas. I am proud and honored to have the opportunity to travel and be a part of the Jimmy & Rosalyn Carter Work Project 2014! “For the 31st year, the Carters join Habitat for Humanity to help build homes, communities and hope, as more than 4,000 volunteers will build or repair more than 100 homes.

Habitat for Humanity has been an organization dear to my heart for many years. I volunteered through the Dallas Bar Association for 11 years. I learned so many skills, and I made lifelong friends. I am just thrilled that Four Lights is supportive of me taking more than a week off and traveling out of state after being on the job for such a short time. How fortunate am I?

So, I will be taking a break from my desk at Four Lights next week. It’s hard to leave when so many exciting things are happening here – not the least of which is our tiny house community!! Yeah! That is going to be launched very soon – check for updates on our Facebook page and our website – its time has come, and it’s over the top exciting!

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Posted by B.A. Norrgard — October 02, 2014



Thanks for the tour and sharing your journey, BA.

Be nice if the blog had a way to subscribe. ;-)

October 03 2014 at 10:10 AM


Ah – I found the subscription below right after I posted… thats a little unobvious.

October 03 2014 at 10:10 AM

BA Norrgard:

Hi David!

Thanks you, David! Glad you are reading & that you were able to subscribe. : )


October 03 2014 at 11:10 PM


Wish I was at least 20 years younger as I would be living the Tiny House dream out in CA with all of you. But being 70, I can support you and cheer you on as I believe the TH movement and TH communities are the way of the future for many Americans ~ from singles to families and all sociology-economic groups. They can establish a real sense if community as they represent a lifestyle that values the most, with the least possessions.
I also believe that Habitat for Humanity can also be an integral part of creating tiny homes for many people. I do hope that will be in the foreseeable future.
Would love to see interior photos of your Tiny home and your floor plan. Can you post some, along with where in the community you will be living.

October 06 2014 at 05:10 AM

jack barry:

Have you no concern for the bankers, the loan agents who need to make a living?…. Being mortgage free !… That’s dangerous if it catches on.


January 01 2015 at 04:01 PM


How very exciting! I like Carol, am older, nearing 60, but have also come to embrace the THE ideas. Lived in a motor home 2 yrs. followed by a 480 sw. ft. home for a year. I have come to learn all the “stuff” in life is not worth it. I have downsized more that I ever dreamed I would or could. I love how much more I can own my life by minimizing. I so admire all you young people who are learning these wonderful lessons early in life. Thank you for helping others, including us “oldies” see new ideas and options in living TH lives.

January 17 2015 at 10:01 AM

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