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Jay Shafer and Co. recently put the finishing touches on a custom Weller on wheels and the completed home is nothing short of magnificent. From the honeyed cedar craftsman style details to the signature red metal roof, Jay's house designs are warmly inviting and beautiful to behold. 


A Kitchen nook with a pop-up table

The floor plan of this custom Weller has the kitchenette in the front bump-out, taking full advantage of the windows for kitchen work and dining. The compact kitchen has a wall-mounted folding table, providing space for meals and then easily folding against the wall to open up the kitchen. There's ample storage in the cupboards, closets, and storage loft above. 

The Shafer Shelf 

Speaking of storage space, the fabulous "Shafer Shelf" seen below adds storage space and structural integrity, eliminating the need for collar beams and opening up the cathedral ceilings. This design feature is unique to Jay Shafer's Four Lights House plans. It adds tremendously to the design, while shaving off excess weight from the house load.  

Full bath, in the space of a half

The washroom is equipped with a metal basin tub that doubles as a sink. Who says you can't take baths in a tiny house?

The Great Room is wide enough for a downstairs bed and has tons of storage space. 

Bookshelf step ladder

The loft is accessed by a bookshelf step ladder that's easy to climb, adding both safety and attractive storage for all those books you thought you didn't have space for in your tiny house.  

Even the attractive visible purlins and craftsman style porch details are meticulously crafted and sanded smooth for a stunning effect.


Read more about the Weller here


Posted by Alicia Feltman — June 12, 2014


Laura J:

ICC or IRC question. I know that THOW’ s avoid most code rules by virtue of RV or “on wheels” design, but what about when and if you put your models on the ground, not on a trailer? Door widths, ceiling height, minimum shower and kitchen issues, not to mention plumbing (grey water) and that 70 square foot room size (even WITH the recent IRC change) all seem to relate to codes that a tiny house cannot comply with. Can you comment? I am considering a foundation home, not THOW and need to know. I keep considering designs under 7 feet in width and under 120 square feet in total square footage and its very hard to put a 36" egress door in a tiny home. Plus, one of the “room size” codes used to indicate the width had to be 7 feet. Has THAT changed too? I DO realize that the larger park home models are easier to accommodate code. AND I realize that 120 square feet often avoid codes too based on ADU exceptions BUT I’d still like your opinions and comments because of your (Jay) lengthy experience with this issue. And, since I am trying to put in a bathroom (not ok with my local ADU codes), I will have to fulfill ALL code even to do what I am thinking. Just hoping for your input. I WAS delighted to see the 70 sq ft rule, BTW.


January 10 2016 at 01:01 PM


I have very similar questions Laura and Jay. We building on a foundation, and will need to get a city permit, and I am trying to figure out whether the tiny houses we like will work for the city building regs.

January 13 2016 at 09:01 AM

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