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I should really start paying more attention. I didn’t even know that this new piece on Oprah’s Where Are They Now was available online until I stumbled upon a link through Alex Pino’s Tiny House Talk. Thanks, Alex Pino. Thanks Oprah Winfrey.

Posted by Jay Shafer — April 02, 2014



Where can we find more detailed info about the 500 sq ft house? I would love to do this with my family of four, but to be honest, I find very little info about people who have made it work with more than one child.

April 04 2014 at 07:04 AM


Jay – I have been following you for quite a while…since the first few Tumbleweed models were shown. Since then, I have found and become part of a crisis in this country that is hidden from most

Single women over 5O are an invisible and suffering segment of society. Those who are divorced, widowed young, raised kids who are now grown, cared for parents who are now gone, are left on our own. We are victims of age discrimination in employment – no matter how educated or experienced we may be. WE have been targeted by unscrupulous lenders, lawyers, husrsing homes who cam after us for our parents bills, we have no voice, no representation. We are ending up in alarming numbers homesless and destitute on the streets.

I have been talking to friends for awhile about trying to get the land to do a tiny house village for us….and others like us. Now….I am having my family home of almost 3O years stolen….by a nursing home that kicked my fahter out..leaving a bill..when I had to bring him home to live with me. The bill was no more than the price of a moderately cheap car…my house had been fully paid for…for years.

I was unable to get representation…proceeded pro se and fought my heart out for over six years now. I amy only have dyas left. I have no where to go..and no funds to go with. This kind of thing is happening to women all over the country.

I have long thought to ask you, if you would speak with us anbd maybe be in a position to do a Tiny House kind of Habitat for Humanity….for single women over 5O that have…or are…falling through the cracks.

We are just like you….your sisdter or your mother. Yet, no one hears us..or helps us. WE are from all walks of life, economic and educational levels – I myself have post graduate degrees – but life has not been kind to us.

If your companies would consider partnering with us….you would have a smart, spirited, hard working group that would do you proud…and could only help your business.

Please think about this….and feel free to contact me. I would sooo love to hear from you. I myself…..may be on the street by the end of this week…sleeping in my car. PLEASE HELP.

April 06 2014 at 03:04 PM

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