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There’s a nice neighborhood full of smaller houses on the eastern edge of Downtown Indianapolis. My friends Ania Spira and Steve Schubert knew I’d like it, so they took me on a tour. Here’s one of the houses, now.

NOTE: Micro-House-March is Jay Shafer’s month-long celebration of beautiful and efficient home design. For the 31 days of March, Jay will be posting a photo per day from his tiny house travels. Most of these pictures have never been published before. The majority of the photos will not be accompanied by interior photographs, since they were taken during travel, not interior tours. These are not Four Lights Tiny House Company designs. You can see the entire list of Micro-House-March posts HERE

Posted by Jay Shafer — March 23, 2014



Was happy to meet Ania and Steve at an advocacy event last month. We talked about you and my ongoing obsession with small houses. We need to bring you back to Indy!

April 02 2014 at 05:04 AM

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