Four Lights Tiny House Company by Jay Shafer

The Weller

115+ SQ FT  Estimated Materials Costs | Download FREE Study Plan 

House Width 6'-10" Porch 3'5" x 2'-6"
House Length 16'-2" Main Room 6' x 6'
Trailer Size 7' x 16' Kitchen 4'-6" x 4'
Road Height 13'-4" Bathroom 5’-6” x 2'
Dry Weight 5000 lbs Ceiling Height 6'-6"
Loft Height 2'-8" (Approximate)  

People seem to love this one more than any other of Jay Shafer's tiniest home designs. Maybe it’s because of the little bump out on the front—perfectly serving as a dining or reading nook.

Whatever the reason, this house employs the same American Craftsman principles as all of the Jay's newest tiny house designs— mass, volume and organic form predominate inside and out. The Weller embodies the same classical geometry, anthropometrics, and archetypal form Jay has used to create all of Four Lights Houses. The Craftsman crusade put a high value on simplicity, natural materials and honest craftsmanship in the service of good design. Traditional Craftsman Bungalows, like the ones in this collection, are distinguished by their exposed structural elements, mass, broad eaves and by the movement’s intention to make thoughtful design available to ordinary people.

The "furnished" house plans include a bathroom of 21” W x 53” L; a great room of 6’ x 6’ (avg.); a  54” x 46” kitchen and a sleeping loft of just 75” W x 96 ”L  x 33” H. Like the Gifford, two skylights over the pillows make the loft feel much bigger. There’s a dining nook and a stainless steel fireplace by Dickinson Marine. A twin-sized bed provides space for a (presumably) single occupant to sleep downstairs. A sleeping loft provides ample sleeping room for 2 guests (not to mention the fold-out sleeping chair in the great room for another one).

This house is available as a shell and as a furnished house plan. 

A Special Bonus 

The Furnished House Plan includes a full set of component furnishing plans. You'll have access to the blueprints for building all of the DIY furnishings and room components that fit into this beautiful house, as shown in the floor plan (see slideshow above).  

* The Weller on wheels measures 13'-4" tall, when built on the 22" high deck of a standard car hauler trailer.

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