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The Marie Colvin

288+ SQ FT  |  Estimated Materials Costs  |  Download FREE Study Plan 

Exterior Wall Dimensions 10'-2" W x 29'-3" L x 12'-8" H  14'-8" H* on wheels x 12' W @ eves
Interior Wall Dimensions 9'-4¾" x 19'-5" + 4'-7" x 8'-5" nook 9'-4¾" x 19'-5" + 4'-7" x 8'-5" nook

A Little Bit Bigger

One of my highly anticipated larger house designs, The Marie Colvin is now available as both a shell and a furnished plan. This house boasts a beautiful bump-out dining nook/study, a downstairs bedroom, two lofts, a kitchen with ample storage, a 2'-6" x 6'-6" bathroom, a 9'-6" x 10'-0" great room and more than 70 square feet of storage. The furnished plan sets come with a main floor plan, a loft floor plan, an electrical plan, trailer specifications with alternate pier foundation plan, pertinent detail elevations and all of the integral component plans, including the blueprints for furniture designed specifically to fit in a tiny house. 

A Special Bonus 

The Furnished House Plan includes a full set of component furnishing plans. You'll have access to the blueprints for building all of the DIY furnishings and room components that fit into this beautiful house, as shown in the floor plan (see slideshow above). 

* 14'-8" height is based on 32" standard deck-over-trailer height. The Marie Colvin on wheels is designed as a park model RV, not as a travel trailer.  It is a wide-load, over-height model, which requires a commercial driver's license to legally tow it on U.S streets, as park model RVs often do.

** The Marie Colvin was designed to meet park model RV codes, not to meet the minimum size standards of the ICC building code.  If your foundation-built construction plans rely upon building permits, please ask your local building officials whether this model can be permitted at your site.

This house is available as a shell and as a furnished house plan. 

All plans are PDF downloads. You will receive an email with a download link upon receipt of your order. 

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