Four Lights Tiny House Company by Jay Shafer

 House Width 7'  Porch 7' x 2'
 House Length 16'  House Height 11' 2"
 Dry Weight 5000 lbs  Ceiling Height 6'-6"
 Loft Height (if added) 3'  (Approximate)  


The Gifford is the design of Jay Shafer's own house. It's a stunning 7’ x 16’ structure squarely rooted in the American Craftsman Style. It has been beefed up where beefing up was necessary for a sense of mass and fortification, and it has been pared down everywhere else. It has a standing seam, metal roof, cedar board-and batten siding and a tiny integral porch that’s good for staying dry as you perch or fumble for your keys. The interior is all knotty pine. The cathedral ceiling is 9’ 8” tall at the peak. As a shell, it accommodates any of the components listed on the Compact Furnishings page and more.

Ironically, this little thing was inspired by the sizable Great Lodges of North America. When you enter it, you enter into a relatively narrow space that opens into a relatively huge space with a cathedral ceiling to increase the sense of mass and fortification. 


We have an Gifford shell (on wheels) for sale in New York state that's ready to be towed off to some nice little backyard, lakeside parcel or tiny house village. This house can be finished off with whatever layout you want on the inside. In fact, as part of this one-time offer, Jay Shafer will custom design the interior floor plan of your house according to your needs (finishing it will be up to you). For an extra $750, we'll paint the outside of the Gifford any color you want.

The Anderjack shell currently has a large 3’ x 4’ awning window on the backside, one loft window and a tiny door window on the front and two 20” x 30” windows on the sides, and they’re framed to easily insert a third. The windows are insulated and, of course, the floor, walls and roof are all well insulated too.  

This house is 7’ x 16’, including a little porch. There’s also room for an additional 84 square feet of loft space overhead. Two full-sized beds could be fit up there, or, if you prefer that your bed be downstairs, there’s plenty of room for a full down there too.

This house is $19,000 with wheels and $18,000 without (includes Jay’s help designing the floor plan). Delivery by us is $4 per mile, or, if you’re up for a tiny house road-trip, you can just drive your house straight off the lot yourself. Just be prepared for a lot of rubberneckers along the way.  If you want one, just let us know soon, so we can hold on to it for you.

Gifford shell on wheels: $19,000



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