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 House Width 7'  Porch 7' x 2'
 House Length 16'  House Height 11' 2"
 Dry Weight 5000 lbs  Ceiling Height 6'-6"
 Loft Height (if added) 3'  (Approximate)  


The Beavan Tiny House was selected as an "Editor's Choice" winner at MAKE Magazine's New York 2011 Maker Faire.

The most notable distinction this house offers is the oversized, exposed truss above its integral porch. This shameless display of structural integrity, organic materials, and utility are derived from the Bungalow tradition that inspired the home. The more rustic elements of Craftsman style cabins and lodges are particularly evident.  

The Beavan has a standing seam metal roof, cedar board and batten siding, and a tiny integral porch that’s good for staying dry as you perch or fumble for your keys. The interior is all knotty pine. The cathedral ceiling is 9’ 8” tall at the peak. As a shell, it accommodates any of the components listed on the Compact Furnishings page and more.

Beavan for Sale


We're putting our signature rustic-red roofing on it, but it will, otherwise, be sold as-is. This Beavan is a grey house with a yellow door and pine windows with black aluminum cladding on the outside. It's mostly a shell, but has a kitchenette that can be easily removed or rearranged to another location.

This house was featured on The Nate Berkus Show and HGTV's Design Star

The Beavan has no wheels, but it is designed to sit on it's own skids (as pictured), on concrete footings or between the wheel wells of a standard width (82 1/4"-wide minimum well-to-well),16' long, 7,000 or 10,000 # capacity, car-hauler/flatbed. We can deliver it at $4.00 per mile or you can make a road trip to it's current location 50 miles east of Utica, NY to pick it up with your own trailer. At $20,000 it's going to go fast.

Beavan for Sale: $20,000

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