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Take a walk through B.A.'s Tiny House


B.A. Norrgard takes us on a walk through her beautiful Gifford. B.A. recently moved her home from Dallas, Texas to Sebastopol, California to join the Four Lights Team as Tiny House Luminary (or COO in the "real" world). Her house is now parked in Jay Shafer's yard where she gave this recent tour.


B.A.'s house is Four Lights Tiny House Company's Furnished Gifford designed by Jay Shafer. She built the house herself, with framing help from M.A.G.I.C Camp (Mentoring A Girl In Construction)—a free, one-week, day camp designed to introduce high school girls to exciting careers in construction—and the helping hands of friends in the Dallas area.  

I particularly love that stained glass window and matching lantern detail. Do you have a favorite part of B.A.'s Gifford? Share in the comments below. 


Posted by Alicia Feltman — September 22, 2014

B.A. Norrgard joins Four Lights

B.A. Norrgard is hitching her Gifford to a star and joining us here at Four Lights Tiny House Company! 

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that the trailblazing tiny house maven, B. A. Norrgard of A Bed Over My Head, will be joining the Four Lights Tiny House Co. team in California as COO.

B.A. attended a Four Lights workshop in February of 2013 where she helped the Light family build their tiny house. After the workshop, she purchased the Gifford house plans and spent the next 5 months building her own tiny home. As she shared her progress on her blog, she worked towards completing her new hyper-efficient, mobile residence, while creating a new life for herself centered around the tiny house movement that she drew inspiration from. Leaving behind a long and successful career as a litigation paralegal, she turned her career focus to tiny houses and helping others achieve simplified, more fulfilling lives.

I’m transitioning from a traditional, mainstream life to a new tiny life. I crave something new; a new path that combines my passions with a new career and my favorite blue jeans. I’m rebuilding my life—not from a fail, but with a new focus: What will make me happy in the second half of my life? What made me happy as a child, and why did I stop doing those things? – B.A. Norrgard

Sounds like she’ll fit right in, doesn’t it? In the words of Jay Shafer, B.A. is an “amazingly resourceful, ethical, aesthetical and empathic tiny house Superhero.”

As Four Lights rolls out manufacturing for our houses – including the new U-House – and prepares to break ground on our tiny house village in the not-so-distant future, we warmly welcome the tremendous knowledge and skill that B.A. brings to our little company. 

B.A. will be moving her tiny house from Dallas, Texas to Sebastopol, California this week. She’ll be making several stops along the way, so If you want a chance to meet her and tour her tiny house, leave a comment below. Use #tinyhousetrip on twitter or facebook to follow her progress and join the conversation! 

B.A.'s Road Trip Route

If you live in or near the following cities and would like to meet up with B.A., tour her tiny house, or just offer your driveway for her to park her caravan overnight, let us know in the comments below! 

Posted by Alicia Feltman — August 08, 2014

Small Spaces We Love: August 4, 2014

Here are 4 small spaces that caught my attention this week. Each one is a little different yet, all of them have one thing in common: a lot of charm and character in a tiny package.

If you want to get your kids used to the idea of living in a tiny house (which, based on the emails we get from our customers, a lot of you do), you might as well start them off with a tree house this cool. Read about it here.

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? I'm voting for the egg, but only if it's the Exbury Egg.

Here's an interesting tiny house on wheels designed by Andrew Campbell

We've seen pre-fab, but how about e-fab? Check out this interesting project here.

Posted by Brett Torrey Haynes — August 04, 2014

Small Houses We Love: Yolo County Cabin

Not too far from Four Lights HQ is this fun little house, situated on a farm in Yolo County, designed by Butler Armsden Architects. Based on two of common features of modern farmhouses: a tower and a shed, this splendid little gem is a tiny house lover's dream. These are no ordinary tower and shed! The tower has a bedroom at the base of it that looks so comfy and has an observation area at the top. The shed is modern and fun, with a sleeping loft. Even a city boy like me could definitely fall in love with this great space. via Small House Bliss


Posted by Brett Torrey Haynes — July 22, 2014

Jay Shafer on NBC's Art of the startup


Jay was recently interviewed for NBC's Art of the Startup. Check it out below for a fun update:

A walk through a custom Weller


Jay Shafer and Co. recently put the finishing touches on a custom Weller on wheels and the completed home is nothing short of magnificent. From the honeyed cedar craftsman style details to the signature red metal roof, Jay's house designs are warmly inviting and beautiful to behold. 


A Kitchen nook with a pop-up table

The floor plan of this custom Weller has the kitchenette in the front bump-out, taking full advantage of the windows for kitchen work and dining. The compact kitchen has a wall-mounted folding table, providing space for meals and then easily folding against the wall to open up the kitchen. There's ample storage in the cupboards, closets, and storage loft above. 

The Shafer Shelf 

Speaking of storage space, the fabulous "Shafer Shelf" seen below adds storage space and structural integrity, eliminating the need for collar beams and opening up the cathedral ceilings. This design feature is unique to Jay Shafer's Four Lights House plans. It adds tremendously to the design, while shaving off excess weight from the house load.  

Full bath, in the space of a half

The washroom is equipped with a metal basin tub that doubles as a sink. Who says you can't take baths in a tiny house?

The Great Room is wide enough for a downstairs bed and has tons of storage space. 

Bookshelf step ladder

The loft is accessed by a bookshelf step ladder that's easy to climb, adding both safety and attractive storage for all those books you thought you didn't have space for in your tiny house.  

Even the attractive visible purlins and craftsman style porch details are meticulously crafted and sanded smooth for a stunning effect.


Read more about the Weller here


TINY: A Story About Living Small

Have you seen TINY: A Story About Living Small yet? This inspiring documentary by Merete Mueller & Christopher Smith explores the growing tiny house movement and questions the very notion of what what home is. You'll see some familiar faces, including some guy named Jay Shafer (You might have heard of him) and our friend and fierce force of brilliance that is Dee Williams. It's a great documentary and exploration of the tiny house movement from the perspective of two open-minded and introspective people, as you can see from the preview below.

TINY: A Story About Living Small - Trailer from TINY on Vimeo.

There are a few ways for you to see or purchase TINY. I would recommend getting the DVD. There are a number of special features on it, including an extended 12-minute interview with Dee Williams that didn't make it into the main film, a Behind the Scenes featurette and interviews with urban planners about building codes and more. You can purchase the DVD here. The documentary is also available on iTunes for rent or download in the US here or in Canade here.

Oprah’s “Tiny House Man Expands”: Not a Story About Weight Gain

I should really start paying more attention. I didn’t even know that this new piece on Oprah’s Where Are They Now was available online until I stumbled upon a link through Alex Pino’s Tiny House Talk. Thanks, Alex Pino. Thanks Oprah Winfrey.

Posted by Jay Shafer — April 02, 2014

Microtopia is Mega-Good


It was nearly two years ago when Jesper Watchmeister and his film crew caught a plane out of Stockholm to create a documentary about the international trend towards smaller, well-designed houses. I’m proud to have been one of the folks featured in the film.

The piece is called Microtopia, and its production values are high. Amongst other notable works, Jesper’s crew has been involved in the making of a movie called The Dragon With The Girl Tattoo... or something like that.

Watch the trailer for this brilliant film below: 

MICROTOPIA – a documentary about micro dwellings, downsizing and living off the grid. - Trailer from Eight Millimetres on Vimeo.

Depending on your region, you may be able to watch the full-length film for $3.99 using the Vimeo link provided above. If not, stay tuned for the full-length Microtopia to expand availability to your locale. 


Posted by Jay Shafer — March 31, 2014

Micro-House-March: Day 31

Today's Photo:

Living tiny in Madison, CT.


NOTE: Micro-House-March is Jay Shafer’s month-long celebration of beautiful and efficient home design. For the 31 days of March, Jay will be posting a photo per day from his tiny house travels. Most of these pictures have never been published before. The majority of the photos will not be accompanied by interior photographs, since they were taken during travel, not interior tours. These are not Four Lights Tiny House Company designs. You can see the entire list of Micro-House-March posts HERE

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